Re: Maltin, etc.
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 14:27:29 -0700 (PDT)

Yes, like Jessica, Leonard's a friend of mine too. I'd like to point out that
despite the "talking head" aspect of his life (it's a job, and a good one),
Leonard is extremely knowledgable as anyone who has read his other books
knows. AND, as most know, he doesn't watch every movie himself -- he has an
extremely talented group of editors who write many of the reviews for the
book. (This isn't a secret -- they're all listed and acknowledged at the
start of the book.) Anyway, Leonard's is the best for general inclusiveness,
Halliwell's is fine though it's not as carefully edited, and VideoHound has a
wonderful series on different genres. I got the VideoHound World Cinema book
because it was written by a friend -- Elliot Wilhelm of the Detroit Institute
of the Arts -- and was pleasantly surprised to find that although the sources
to buy videos weren't particularly accurate (the publisher did that work),
the reviews were some of the best writing on foreign film I've read to date.
It's pretty spectacular.

So, which titles would I suggest? Yes, the three you mention are very good,
but there are many other worthwhile guides as well covering different genres
and countries. Others I like (but I only buy once every couple of years)
include Psychotronic, Time Out, the Variety and New York Times yearly reviews
(both extremely expensive but worth it for world cinema), etc.

(This is why we finally had to buy a house this year.)

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