Re: Maltin, etc.

Debra Jo Sujka (
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 07:49:58 -0700 (PDT)

I cannot respond directly to your questions, but the info I have may be
of use to you.

In the past, various departments have used feature films/videos in
unexpected ways.

The some Nursing program instructors have used features to help the
student nurses understand management crisis.

The Secretarial Science program (now Administrative and Information
Management) used features to help the students observe team work in
action. One feature they used was "Twelve o'clock high."

The Business program instructors show features to get across team work
in action and group behavior. Group behavior was high-lighted by using
"Twelve angry men."

The various tools you have mentioned could help faculty in selecting
features that stress points they wish to illustrate in their teachings.

Debra Jo Sujka
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> Andrea Slonosky wrote:
> So the questions are: in your respected opinions, are these titles
> different from each other? Are they all necessary? If not, which
> one(s) would you prefer to have handy all the time? Personally, I like
> Halliwell for the pithy reviews, Maltin for the volume and Videohound
> for ease of use.