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Let's take this discussion off-line for the purposes of this list, Lucy
(and others). I think it is a bit far afield for videolib.


At 03:55 PM 09/08/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>If the following query is not appropriate please let me know if there is a
>better listserv for this type of question. I do want any responses sent
>directly to me at the e-mail address listed below, not answered on the
>listserv. I did put this question out on both Fiction_l and Videolib to
>try and reach as broad a group as possible, so if anyone else subscribes to
>both my apologies, in advance, for the double e-mail.
>I have been asked to try and find out any & all information I can about a
>publishing company called Coastal Publishing which is based in Asheboro, NC
>(I think I spelled that correctly). They may be part of another company
>called: High Ground Digital. Apparently, they publish children's books and
>work out with authors some kind publishing arrangement based on
>percentages. The author pays 1/3 and they pay 2/3 the cost of putting a
>book out; with a first print run of 3000 copies.
>The patron asking about the company is concerned with the legitamacy of
>this kind of deal and whether or not Coastal is a reputable company. They
>are listed with the Chamber of Commerce but we have found very little else
>out about the company. If anyone has more information please send it, or a
>source I can check, directly to me at:
>Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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