DVD Theft

Mike Boedicker (mboedicker@juno.com)
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 13:26:23 -0700 (PDT)

Several months back Ellen Druda described the high theft rate of DVDs in
public libraries. Now I'm experiencing it myself. Our collection is
currently only 40 titles & has only been on the shelves 2 weeks, but already
3 DVDs have been stolen. (Two more were attempted stolen today, but staff
watched the suspect like a hawk and he left after stuffing them behind a

We don't use dummy cases -- the actual discs are in their cases in open
stacks. For security, we use Kwik cases with magnetic strips, and a 3M
gate. One of the empty Kwik cases (found buried in the stacks) had its
locking mechanism ripped out as if from heavy-duty pliers.

My questions: does anyone know about a new 3M system, mentioned on the list
a few months back, that uses small magnetic donut stickers that fit around
the DVD hub? If anyone has used this system, how effective is it? It seems
that the best method is attaching security strips directly to the discs, but
we obviously can't use the straight strips on double-sided DVDs.

We've thought about putting only the cases out for display and keeping the
discs behind the circ desk. With do that w/ our Rap CDs, because of their
high theft rate, but we only have about 2 dozen of them. With only 40 DVDs
the same policy is feasible, but 60 more will be added soon, and I expect
the collection to grow even larger soon after that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Mike Boedicker
Audiovisual Director/Webmaster
Danville Public Library
319 N. Vermilion
Danville, IL 61832
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