Re: Adding closed-captions to videotapes

Mark Richie (
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 07:07:43 -0700 (PDT)

It can be argued that resonable accomodation need not apply to a
specific title, only the service as a whole. We have made buying Closed
Captioned title a priority for the last several years and have let our
vendors know that it is important. CC titles get the nod over
non-captioned when all other aspects are equal. Some companies are slow
to catch on to the importance of this feature. About 20% of our titles
are CC. Just a thought. wrote:
> We have a deaf student who would like to be able to watch three videotapes
> that we have that are not closed-captioned. I know that the Americans with
> Disabilities Act requires that organizations make a reasonable
> accommodation to insure that individuals with disabilities are treated
> equally. The organization is only protected when an accommodation would
> cause an undue burden (financial or otherwise). Up till now we have not
> made any effort to add after-market closed-captions and I can't see how we
> would go about it without permission of the copyright holder. But it is
> possible to add captions to a tape and assuming a copyright holder granted
> permission and the cost wasn't enormous, I feel that the law requires us to
> make this kind of accommodation. Has anyone else had to address this yet?
> Chris Lewis
> American U