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for a time line on communications from carrier pidgeon to the web. Lots
of useless info.

Other factoids:

1876 Bell demonstrates Telephone

1879 Phones installed in Wall Street trading houses

1929 First transcontinental phone calling without an operator

If you showed Neil Armstrong an LCD watch in 1969 when he walked on the
moon, he would not know how it worked. LCD technology was introduced in

1946 ENIAC programmable computer has 18,000 vacuum tubes.
Grace Hopper coins term "computer bug" when a moth get stuck in between
tubes. Hopper goes on to be Navy Admiral running their computer
development office.

1958 Texas instruments demonstrates first integrated curcuit

1961 First commerical IC chips

1964 first computer with integrated circuits

1964 BASIC language developed at Dartmouth college

Up to 1979 just under one million computers had been built.
In 1980 Comodore Computer built 1 million computers.

1970 Intel creates first microprocessor "chip" 4004

etc. Good Luck MLR

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> Hello,
> I am doing research for a timeline for our website. I am looking for
> specific facts such as:
> -How many TVs/Radios/Computers were in households from their initial
> introduction vs the number in households five years later, ten years,
> fifteen years, etc...
> -*Technology firsts* that impact the consumer market...
> -When the first commercial aired on WEAF
> -or any 'little known' facts about each technology
> I haven't found any great websites yet, does anybody have any ideas on
> where i should look or who I can contact?
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