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Jim Scholtz (
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:38:25 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Joanne, Well, those kinds of cases work ok but there are quite a few of
the foam style cases/art work (Disney style) that won't fit in that case
and you'd end up cutting them anyway. The other problem you'll have is
with double cassettes. Will you rubber-band them together or buy Double
VHS cases? Currently, there isn't any double-style case that has a
"Squeeze" or flip-open lid. Actually, the squeeze/flip boxes may help your
staff prevent carpel-tunnel syndrome often associated with opening the
regular style boxes. (But you can buy a "hand-saver" that will adhere to
the desk to solve that problem as well). Also, squeeze or flip boxes don't
have hubs that effectively lock the video spools in place. Personnally and
historically, I've not seen where this makes any difference at all because
the locking mechanism inside the cassette will take care of that for you.
Also, on the plus side for that style of box - we have many patrons who try
(successfully) to put the cassette in the case the wrong way, ultimately
damaging the plastic windows or the flap - videos can be inserted either
way (flap to righ or left, hubs up or down, in the squeeze boxes.
Personally, if you go with any box, I'd get a higher quality squeeze
container such as the Amaray Alive box with retainer tabs to prevent
accidental release of the cassette. Ex. price from SSS - 100 cases per
carton $43.00 - 43 per case. or the Ultra Clear Express case 69 per case.

Whatever you do, if you have the power/choice I mean - I won't buy cases
from Demco or Library Store, Gaylord, or even B&T, etc. They charge way to
much and don't have a good selection. I 'd go with 2 companies: The Video
Store Shopper (800) 325-6867 (; 21707 Nordhoff St.,
Chatsworth, CA 91311. or Specialty Store Services, (800) 999-0771
(; 6115 Monroe Ct., Morton Grove, IL 60053. (The
latter has a better selection of video boxes.

Jim Scholtz
Yankton Community Library
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At 09:13 AM 9/1/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi everyone, I work at a branch of the Boston Public Library. Six months
>ago our 25 branches began buying their own videos. Previously everything
>was purchased and housed in the main library and the branches could just
>get deposits. We are all very excited by our new video collections but
>a lot of issues are coming up, like cataloging, circ limits, fines, etc.
>In the future you'll probably hear from me about these subjects. Today
>my focus is on video covers. Currently we buy the covers that open up
>(clam shells?) and we cut up the boxes to fit in the covers. This takes
>alot of processing time. So now we are considering alternatives. What
>do people think of the plastic cases that you shake the video out of?
>we need a system that is inexpensive, easy to process, and good for the
>video. I look foward to hearing your ideas.
>Joanne Goodman