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I had a conversation with Judy Kuhagen of LC last week regarding series
authority records--always a hot topic--and asked her about series treatment
for videos. As you may know, LC uses a completely different system for
cataloging film and video (MIM or AMIM--not AACR2) than for books which
leads to, for instance, treating what would normally be a series title (like
Nova) as a uniform title. This can make it a little harder to tell from an
OPAC how many or what programs from the Nova series a library holds. She
said that they (LC? CPSO?) are planning to make some things more clear, at
least as regards video cataloging, in the near future. Changes don't always
move extremely quickly, but it seems that this would be another reason to
seek a CC:DA liaison with VRT and any other video-related groups that don't
already have such a liaison. One reason LC has not taken the lead in
establishing clear rules for cataloging videos is that they don't collect
them other than archivally, but apparently they're getting a lot of error
notifications for video records and are now considering what action to take.
This could lead to all kinds of changes in AACR2 and/or the LCRIs pertaining
to cataloging

For my 2 cents worth, I think we should pursue a VRT-CC:DA liaison and maybe
some kind of MARBI representation to help in clearing up video cataloging
rules and to have an input on rules affecting DVD cataloging. It's always
easier to help formulate the rules rather than to try to change them once
they're adopted. I also think it would be best to get a cataloger from an
academic background for the liaison(s). By the way, do you know if we have
a liaison with OLAC?

If I can be of any help, please let me know.

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.