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Judy Jones (
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 11:42:51 -0700 (PDT)

For those items which circulate (too detailed to itemize here) we charge
$.25 per hour to a maximum of $10 per item. If we have to actually fine
someone, there is a $10 per item administrative charge. This is all
computerized. Actually, there is a 17-hour grace period, but we don't tell
users that. That $.25 charge accrues only the hours the library is open.

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Academic libraries,
Could you share with me what your fines for A-V materials are?

I'm asking to change our policy from ten cents per minute to one cent per
minute. (Our max fine is $10 per item. A-V has a 24-hour checkout.) The
director wants to see some examples from other libraries before he okays it.

btw, I'm not lowering the fines to be nice, just to be more equitable. I
doesn't seem right that someone who's 2 hours late is fined the same as one
who's 6 hours late. (Unfortunately, I can't fine them per day for the
really tardy students.)

Thanks in advance!

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