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Ranny Levy (
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 13:54:05 -0700 (PDT)

According to Alexander and Associates, DVD hardware penetration will
reach 13.5 million homes by year's end (not including playstation 2
which will have DVD capacity and expects to ship 1 million by end of
year) and according to Warner's DVD Home Entertainment group DVD
software is expected to reach 200 million by year's end. These numbers
were given at the DVD Supersession last month at the Video Software
Dealers Association meeting. They seemed astronomical to me until I
questioned some of the presenters who pointed out the impact of the
early adaptors. Question to ask, "if you had both a DVD player and a
VHS, which one would you use?" Obviously, the quality of DVD is so
much better than VHS ever was and, unlike what happened to Sony when
they lost the beta battle, they're making DVD players easy for people
to buy. Who buys a new computer today without a DVD player?
tks for the field of dreams image

Gary Handman wrote:
> The point is, consumer electronics (and most everything else these days)
> are not driven by populist impulse or the common good: the industries
> involved call the shots, and those shots are based on the good ol'
> meretricious bottom line. Taking a wait and see approach to DVD at this
> time is not unreasonable, I guess...but sooner or later it's a leap we're
> all gonna have to make (at least as far as feature films go). I'll bet
> that within 2-3 years, taped movies have gone the way of 33.3rpm (the fond
> collectables of nostalgia buffs). Now about all those off-the-mainstream
> titles...I dunno...
> By the way, after this coming Christmas, I'll bet the gap between the DVD
> haves and havenots in your community closes considerably...
> Gary Handman
> At 11:44 AM 08/22/2000 -0700, you wrote:
> >> could, of course, make the case that availability, easy access, (and
> >> fervent publicity) fire demand...not the other way around. I've always
> >> been a big fan of building the field of dreams, and then standing by with
> >> bountiful popcorn and peanuts...
> >
> >A few weeks ago it was a announced that sales of DVD players had reached the
> >3 million mark.
> >That's about the population size of my home city of Toronto -- a relatively
> >small fraction of the rest of the continent (let alone the world). So what
> >is the rest of the population suppose to do when libraries choose to serve
> >the minority instead of the majority?
> >
> >
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