Job Qualifications

Rob Butler (
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:25:10 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Schmitt,

I have been meaning to ask someone a question regarding what it would take to
become a librarian in a video/film specified library and/or archives. Judging
from your statement on posting any job announcements I guess you would be the
place to start. I have a Librarian Science Degree and have worked in a library
setting for the last ten years. Some of the positions I have held have been as
a Children's Librarian, Arichivist, and Reference Librarian. Regrettably , I
have not had the opportunity to work in a video library. I am interested in
exploring such a possibly, but wonder what experience and/or degree I would
need. Would you be an appropriate person to ask? Can I propose such a question
to the list?

Thank you in advance for your input,

Robert S. Butler