Re: DVD Info
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 11:19:04 -0700 (PDT)

We bought our first DVD last winter - we had acquired a DVD player some
months previously for a faculty member who uses his own collection. It is
not wildly popular - that particular faculty member is the only one who
checks it out. So we are waiting to expand in the DVD direction until
patron demand increases.

We are planning a move into a new library/media center building within 5
years. At that time, we will have more carrels equipped with DVD, and I
would expect demand to accelerate. Also, because of increasing
sophistication of the computers our students are bringing with them to
school...... I must admit I had expected to have more demand now, but
apparently our students either aren't equipped, or if they are, they are
not using their computers to view DVD.

Our VHS collection circulates widely at this time, and is the preferred
format, as VCR's are much more available.

Sue DeHut

Susan Davis-DeHut
Director, Educ. Media Services
Linfield College
900 SE Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128