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Tue, 22 Aug 2000 08:54:41 -0700 (PDT)

We, at CSUS, are in a holding pattern on DVD. We do not have any titles or
any machines as yet. We are waiting for educational topics to be put on
DVD. We don't have a film studies program here so videos of "feature films"
seem to satisfy students, staff, and faculty. We have a small collection of
feature films, less than 500, whereas we have about 5,000 educational
titles. Many of our classrooms have been recently outfitted with new
projection systems and big screens. The projection systems handle computers
also. If we get DVD we will probably play through computers with DVD
instead of CD-ROM units. Oh ,our feature film collection consists mainly of
titles that are Academy Award winners, classics, both domestic and foreign,
and donations. We make no attempt to compete with video stores and the
public library regarding recently released titles. Occasionally, we order
feature film titles for faculty, but not often. The collection, such as it
is, is very popular with students (free for one thing). We circulate these
titles for 24 hours. If and when educational titles are released we will
probably begin to purchase on DVD and run the two technologies
simultaneously for awhile. We would begin to replace TV monitors and VCRs
in carrels with PCs that have DVD players???????

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Greetings to all,
We are currently investigating the possible establishment of a DVD
collection (as an addition to our existing video collection). Does
anyone know where I could find more information on the current status of
DVD at academic libraries, in particular smaller and medium sized
college libraries? Has the DVD format now found wide-spread acceptance,
or are most libraries still waiting for an increase in patron demand and
a greater variety in available DVD titles? For those that already carry
the DVD format, what are your experiences?
Thanks for any insight,

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