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Weird... there's actually an 8x10 *color* still of this shot up for auction on Minimum bid is $8.50; s&h:2.50. No bids thus far; auction closes in 7 days. May be able to order from seller's site <>, which has quite a few Hollywood stills, etc. for sale, plus jpegs for some. There may even be a jpeg of this still on the site as he's got a couple hundred small scans, 20k or so in size. He also sells on EBAY, YAHOO auctions.


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Jean Hewlett wrote:
>Does anyone know of a book that includes the famous photo
>from Cat Ballou that shows Lee Marvin on the horse? The one
>where both he and the horse look like they've had a very
>hard night?
>One of our patrons wants to do a painting of this scene. I
>was able to find a small black-and-white example of this
>picture on the web (, but
>he isn't happy with it. He wants a book, none of this web
>nonsense, and one that includes a fairly large color
>Any suggestions would be received most gratefully. I thought
>of suggesting he just borrow the video and pause it at the
>appropriate frame, but I don't think he would be happy with
>that either.
>Jean Hewlett
>North Bay Cooperative Library System, Santa Rosa CA >
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