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The cola conquest|h[videorecording] :|ba trilogy /|ca film
by Irene Angelico ; produced by Abbey Jack Neidik ;
produced by DLI Productions in association with Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation and Telé-Québec for Channel Four
260 [Montreal] :|bDLI Productions,|cc1998.
300 3 videocassettes (150 min.) :|bsd., col. with b&w
sequences ;|c1/2 in.
505 0 Pt.1. The big sell -- pt.2. Cola war and peace -- pt.3.
520 "...tells the extraordinary story of Coca-Cola...and its
century-long battle with arch-rival Pepsi. Shot in the
U.S., Canada, Russia, England, France, Mexico, Papua New
Guinea, the Sahara Desert and China, The Cola Conquest
takes us from Coke's invention by a morphine-addicted
Civil War vet to the brink of the 21st century"-- Container.
538 VHS.
610 20 Coca-Cola Company|xHistory.
610 20 PepsiCo, inc.|xHistory.
650 0 Coca Cola (Trademark)
650 0 Cola drinks|xHistory.
650 0 Popular culture|xAmerican influences.
700 1 Angelico, Irene.
700 1 Neidik, Abbey Jack.
710 2 D.L.I. Productions.
710 2 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
710 2 Télé-Québec.
740 02 Cola war and peace|h[videorecording].
740 02 Coca-colonization|h[videorecording].
740 42 The big sell|h[videorecording].

Could this be what you are after? CBC means Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation. Sorry, but I can't remember what DLI means.

Debra Jo Sujka

"Pamela S. Reeves" wrote:
> Video called "The Cola Conquest" based on a story of Mark Pendergrast's
> book, "For God Country, and Coca-Cola".
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