Interlibrary loan of videos

Barb Bergman (
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 11:15:14 -0700 (PDT)

As someone who wore both hats for a year, my two cents worth--

First off, I haven't had anymore trouble getting videos back from lenders
than we do with books. The only extra concern with A-V is the packing
materials--make sure your ILL people know that jiffy bags (which are lined
with newspaper sawdust) are not acceptable (and that they're also telling
this to borrowering libraries). (I just had a video come back covered
inside & out in newspaper dust. Obviously not good for the tape nor
anyone's VCR.)

If you haven't loaned A-V before, but are willing, you need to make sure
your ILL department all know what your policy is. I ran into several
problems because the policy wasn't clear:

A year after I said, "I'll lend, but I get to say yes or no," I found out
that the ILL student worker had never been told of the change. Therefore,
she was still saying "no" to all requests for A-V materials. I didn't know
that there were several requests each week because the requests weren't
given to me.

Remember, speedy return is important in ILL. If your policy is "We lend to
universities, but not public libraries," then they should immediately say
no to the public libraries and only give you the requests from
universities. Giving me requests from PLs would only slow down the process,
if I'm going to say no anyway. (No offense intended to you PLs. Perhaps I
should have used instate/out-of-state...)

If there are conditions to your lending, such as Kris' "Faculty only," how
does ILL handle it? If the request doesn't say "This is for Dr. Smith in
the English dept" do they automatically say "no" or do they respond to the
borrower and ask if the request is for faculty?

Also make sure ILL changes their NAD on OCLC so that other libraries can
check to see if you might lend videos. (If they don't know how to change
your NAD, send them to me...)


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