GMD for DVD Reconsidered

Kristine R. Brancolini (
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:09:04 -0700 (PDT)

One of our media catalogers just brought to my attention important news
from OLAC (On-Line Audiovisual Catalogers). I don't see a date anywhere,
so I can't tell how recent this news is: 20(2); pages 19-20,30. I know it
came out before ALA, because of something Nancy Olson says at the end of
the issue.

Jean Weihs has received the first OLAC Research Grant to study general
material designations (gmds). The important one for media librarians, as
we all know, is videorecording. One of the issues the study will address
relates to DVD's. There's concern that they can be played on more than one
device -- one of which is a computer. Is videorecording the correct gmd?
In a related matter, Nancy Olson is gathering questions and information
about DVDs. According to Nancy, "Yes, it is true that DVDs are being
considered an 'electronic resource' to be cataloged under the new chapter
9 when it is rewritten." See where they're going with this? Our
catalogers are worred that DVDs will be treated like computer software
rather than videocassettes or laserdiscs. From a user perspective, this
is wrong. It's simply a new format for delivering the same content. The
person to contact is Nancy Olson, She may even
subscribe to this list...

If there are any catalogers on the list who have more information, please
keep us informed. I think the Video Round Table should provide input on
this important cataloging issue. -- Kris

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