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Not sure what you will find out, but I can tell you what we are doing here
in Bowling Green Ohio. We have a 14 closed circuit system on our campus
here, as well as 4 channels from our local cable company that are only
received in residence halls on campus. These channels are used for
educational programming only. Basically, video on demand for
faculty/staff & students, but only educational programming that we can get
closed circuit rights for. Many distributors, like PBS Video & Films for
the Humanities, classify these rights as "public performance." It's
pretty simple rights, no purchase.

This past spring, our Resident Student Association (RSA) worked with the
local cable company to have a 5th channel added to the on-campus system
for entertainment use. They will be running a similar service to that you
mentioned, several movies a month, free to students who live in residence
halls. They have entered into a contract with SWANK motion pictures.
Swank provides all the videos and guarantees they're clearances. It's not
exactly cheap, but when each student kicksin a couple of bucks, usually as
part of their general fees...well, it's actually pretty reasonable.

I don't have the particulars concerning SWANK, but I'm sure they have a

Cheryl writes:
> I'm packing my middle one off to college next week. Her school offers
>12 feature films a month on the campus wide cable system. Titles are
>post theater and apparently concurrent with pay per view release. I'll
>ask some questions and post it when I get back. Sounds like an
>interesting option if they are doing it legaly. Perhaps others have
>heard of this arrangement.
> M. Richie
>Tami-Jo M. Eckley wrote:
>> Here we go again. Recently I mentioned on the listserv, that I have
>not paid much attention the public performance issues simply because I
>haven't had to yet, so forgive my ignorance. What are colleges and
>universities doing for campus wide student film nights/showings and
>presentations? Are they renting films or buying tapes with public
>performance rights? I have no idea how much any of these things cost but
>we have a group on our campus who would like to do such things and there
>are some people on campus who apparantly do not know the importance of
>doing this legally. Are there any specific cases that I can point them
>to and/or some good web pages on copyright specifically addressing this
>issue? Thanks a bunch, as always.
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