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Don't know anything about the Moyers show, but You Got to Move from First
Run/Icarus (we got it years ago as part of the MacArthur Library) deals
with the Highlander School. Info from First Run catalog below:


A Film by Lucy Massie Phenix & Veronica Selver

A documentary about personal and social
transformation, YOU GOT TO MOVE
records the progress of individuals who, together
with Tennessee's legendary
Highlander Folk School, founded by Myles Horton, have
worked for union, civil,
environmental, and women's rights in the South.

The film takes us beyond the individual issues to the
very process of social
change and the evolution of leadership. At a time
when so many people may feel
powerless, this film joyfully announces people do count, that they can
make a difference.

"Provocative and joyful... Highlander's work translates to the film in
wonderful ways. YOU GOT TO MOVE
vibrates with the energy of people who have found an inner strength. They
are funny, tough, eloquent." - San
Francisco Chronicle

"The film's impact is in its message: dedicated individuals have the
power to create social change.
Recommended for collections in Southern history and/or social activism."-
Library Journal

** Blue Ribbon Winner, 1986 American Film Festival
** Silver Apple Winner, 1986 National Educational Film Festival

87 minutes / color / 1985
Sale/16mm: $1350
Sale/video: $490
Rental/16mm: $150

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On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Gail B. Fedak wrote:

> I have a faculty member who wants an upgrade (transfer of 3/4" to VHS) of this old (1981?) Bill Moyers Journal program about Myles Horton and the Highlander School. I inquired at the Highlander Center, but the only person available until next week has not been there long enough to know about this title. Any leads as to whether this is still available for sale and from whom will be appreciated.
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