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James C. Scholtz (
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 12:15:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Tami-Jo, I can't speak for colleges and universities today, for I'm at
a public library, but I can advise you on PP rights in general and give you
several contacts. If you (or groups within the university) want to show
feature videocassettes (let's say you have a large-screen TV or a
projection unit) and you either own these titles or can rent them, buy them
from a legal source (not taped illegally off-air/cable, etc.) and you want
to do repeat shows of the same feature or lots of different features
throughout the year, your best bet is to contact the MPLC (Motion Picture
Licensing Company - They will provide a blanket/umbrella
license for your university and/or specific site for unlimited showings -
most major Hollywood film companies for a period of 1 year. Cost is based
on one of two factors - you choose: student/patron population OR
auditorium size (if you're only showing videos in one place). Dixon (IL)
Public Library has used MPLC without problems and with great success since
1990! It used to work out to about 10 per head, under the population
formula - I don't know if the cost has gone up significantly or not.
If you only want to identify single titles and rent them - single showings,
and you only plan to show 1-6 titles per year, then an umbrella licence
would be a "pesky and expensive" thing. Better to negotiate rights
individually. Do PP titles (films and videos) exist already that you can
rent - contact Swank;; Modern Sound Pictures, Inc., Facets may also be able to help you in this
All this discussion is predicated on the fact that you would not be
charging a fee for the showings - nontheatrical public performance. Which
would be different that the student government showing a title and charging
an admission fee - other rights, more $$ to rent those titles.
I hope this information help (you probably knew it already)
Jim Scholtz.

At 10:23 AM 8/2/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Here we go again. Recently I mentioned on the listserv, that I have not
>paid much attention the public performance issues simply because I haven't
>had to yet, so forgive my ignorance. What are colleges and universities
>doing for campus wide student film nights/showings and presentations? Are
>they renting films or buying tapes with public performance rights? I have
>no idea how much any of these things cost but we have a group on our
>campus who would like to do such things and there are some people on
>campus who apparantly do not know the importance of doing this
>legally. Are there any specific cases that I can point them to and/or
>some good web pages on copyright specifically addressing this
>issue? Thanks a bunch, as always.
>Tami-Jo Eckley
>Electronic Services & Media Librarian
>Manhattanville College Library
>Purchase, New York 10577