The Way Home: a film about race, gender and class

Bronwyn Heaps ("Bronwynruby"
Tue, 1 Aug 2000 11:11:52 -0700 (PDT)


My name is Bronwyn Heaps and I work a with a film called The Way Home.
The film is groundbreaking as a powerful diversity awareness tool: the
way it is powerful is that it sets the stage for dialogue on race, class

and gender. It presents 64 women from eight different ethnic groups
talking about these issues. What becomes available is insights into
yourself as an active participant and the opportunity to confront your
own embedded assumptions, internalized racism and oppression. The film
is followed
by a dialogue session either facilitated by Shakti Butler, the
producer/director of the film, or by whoever shows the film. This is
not as hard as it seems: the video comes with a conversation guide with
step-by-step instructions on how to facilitate a dialogue workshop after

viewing the film. It is an amazing educational tool for transformation.

It has been used in educational institutions by professors, directors
and implemented in staff training; in corporations for human resources,
diversity departments and, again, staff training; in religious
organizations; in communities; and in the home for personal use. I
myself own a copy and use it as a way to spark conversation within my
communities, friends and family.

I would be happy to send anyone who is interested more information and
have a conversation about where we can fit this important tool in your
library or institution so that more people have access to it. It is a
very necessary conversation to be
had, especially for people who are out to educate or raise awareness
about diversity and multiculturalism.

Please contact me any of the ways below. I look forward to working with

you. <>

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