Re: Archival Copies

Jessica (
Mon, 31 Jul 2000 09:17:04 -0700 (PDT)

Well you need to do a copyright search to determine the legal status of the
film. Films are out of print for many reasons Disney pulls their animation
on 7 year cycles, many foreign films lose their American distribution rights
and sometimes a rights holder just does not bother to replace copies.
If this is a feature film you would have to get the copyright holders
permission to make any copies.
Many educational films may never have been copyrighted or the rights may
have lapsed. There are people who can do a simple search for copyright at
library of congress. I don't know the fee involved but it is not that high.
I would start by determining the copyright and that should determine what
you can do after that

jessica rosner
>From: "LeeAnne Krause" <>
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>Subject: Archival Copies
>Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2000, 3:45 PM

>Does anyone know, what are the procedures for making archival copies of
>films? For example, if we found a rare or out of print 16mm in our
>collection, are there any hoops we need to jump through to make a copy for
>Thanks for your expertise!
>LeeAnne Krause
>U of S. Carolina Film Library