Questions We've Had at the Media Center

Deg Farrelly (
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:15:13 -0700 (PDT)

Not mine... some other media center. These were sent to me by a friend.
Perhaps you can relate to some of them

> Questions We've Had at the Media Center:
> Me: That title is on 16mm film.
> 4th Year Film Student: What's that?
> Student: "Addendum to Catalog". What's an Addendum?
> Me: Something that's added after the main body of a work is completed.
> Student: Why didn't you say so?
> Student: Do you have the video of that PBS show that was on (for the first
> time) last night?
> Me (to myself): Not without a time machine.
> Student: Do you have "THE Hamlet"?
> 4th Year Film Student: Who's Peter Lorry?
> Student: Do you have "The Cabaret of Dr. Caligari?" (supposed to be
> "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari")
> Student walks up to counter, and without showing a card, saying who they
> are, etc. says "Do I have anything checked out?"
> Student: Do you have this film? It's about this father and son and they
> kill this guy and bury the body in the was in a
> grey film can.
> Me: About 90% of our films are in grey film cans. Can you be more
> specific?
> Student: My professor showed "__________" in class last week and I skipped
> class to go to __________(fill in the blank), can I
> check it out?
> Me: Sorry, it was a rental and was returned last week.
> Later.....
> Professor Snoozer: What! A student would skip my class!!!!!!??????
> Professor Snoozer: It's 3 weeks into the semester, and I handed out my
> syllabus the first day with all the films we're going to see.
> I'd like to reserve them now.
> Me: Sorry, Professor Snoozer, all the titles you want are booked out to
> people...perhaps your students? Maybe it would have been
> better to have booked the titles FIRST, then handed out the syllabus. You
> might want to ask your class who has it checked out,
> since legally I can't tell you who has it. Students often check these out
> so they can skip class.
> Professor Snoozer: What! A student would skip my class!!!!!!!???????
> Patron on phone: You sent me a %#$@*& film, not a video!
> Me: Did you look inside the box?
> Variation #1: Patron on phone: No...let me look now (rustle
> rustle)...oh....uh...sorry! It's the video I wanted...bye.
> Variation #2: Patron on phone: No! (snarl!) I sent it back unopened. Now
> what will I do? The agency-wide meeting's tomorrow
> and it's the only one that will do.
> Me: Well, the only copy of that title we have is the video we sent you.
> I'm afraid it's still in the mail somewhere.
> Patron: I turned my film/video in and I have an overdue notice.
> Me: I checked the shelves and it's not here, and the computer says it's
> still checked out.
> Patron: Well, I just don't understand it...............
> Variation #1: I gave it to a temporary employee to turn in. They've left
> the agency, but they were very dependable.
> Variation #2: I put it in the bookdrop at the Tule-ville branch library.
> Variation #3: I gave it to my daughter so she could give it to her
> boyfriend to give to his dad to watch. Surely they're done with it
> now.....
> [stolen from a great library
> humour site --- Jon]