Gary Handman (
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:50:29 -0700 (PDT)

Interesting new-ish site dealing with social activist/social issue
documentary films and filmmaking.

Check it out.

Here's their ABOUT: is creating an on-line community of
activists and media makers by providing a site for the
exchange of ideas and resources. As the influence of
media rapidly expands, we want to encourage activists to
learn how to access its growing power to further their

Media professionals can draw on the experiences of
frontline activists and discover timely stories often
overlooked in mainstream media. Activists can further
their campaigns by teaming up with filmmakers to make
advocacy videos or publicize their work. Educators and
activists can locate videos and films from our database of
social issue documentaries to use in classrooms and

Our databases are growing daily and we invite you to help
build our site. The site will eventually provide organization
information in each state. For now we have begun our
database research in Mississippi, Wisconsin and California
and will extend it to the entire United States within the
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