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Is this information from a book or a website?


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>There are 247 episodes of Murphy Brown. A number of them deal with Murphy
>renegotiating her contract. None of them appear to have premiered in 1991,
>The closest is the "Tempus Fugit" episode which premiered in 1997 ("Murphy,
>in the middle of negotiating her new contract, misses a show and Corky does
>a great job filling in for her. The network offers Corky a spot in the
>Middle East, and a single year deal to Murphy, who usually has a three-year
>First you'll need for specific info in order to identify the particular
>episode. Then I would recommend the faculty member to look it up in TV
>guide. The series is in re-runs a number of times a day... I don't imagine
>the current rights holder (Warners) will be of much help.
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>O Videobraniacs,
>I have a faculty member in the Business School asking me if
>I can locate a copy of an episode of "Murphy Brown" from 1991.
>The episode has something to do with Murphy renegotiating
>her contract with the network.
>Jeez Louise!
>Should I call CBS? (I've heard it aired on that network, the only
>sitcom I've ever watched was The Simpsons.) I've yet to see any MB
>episodes released on videotape among bigtime distributors, but I
>could sure be wrong---again.
>Thankin' y'all in advance,
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