RE: Director's Cut (was "Feature Films for Families")

Ralph Huntzinger (
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 14:29:45 -0700 (PDT)

I'm pleased to see there is some "thinking comment" on this twig --
perhaps I should have said "artists' viewpoint" suggesting that there is
never just one version that is the one that "should be in the

I always go deeper toward what could be the philosophy behind
the "collection development" and explore concepts like: why don't we have
abridged novels in the "book collection" therefore moving us toward not
having adbridged audio books and not having "edited" movies -- however,
every movie is edited which moves us toward the "we want to at least have
the creative artists' viewpoint" (book folk call this author I'm
told). Perhaps I've aimed too high all these years toward reaching
common understanding with other folks who select parts of the library
collection; but, if they insist on having the original words of the
author(s), they will probably agree there is some merit about having the
original ideas from other artists (assuming you have common understanding
about the merit of having "upstart new stuff" like movies in the library).
Ralph Huntzinger