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Am curious to find out what sources you read to know this type of detailed info
on films.
Jan Derks

Darryl Wiggers wrote:

> But what about films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Spielberg
> asked for and was given a few extra million dollars to insert f/x that he
> couldn't afford the first time, and shoot new scenes (6 minutes), insert
> scenes shot but left out the first time (7 minutes) plus, edit out whole
> scenes (16 minutes in total) that he felt slowed down the film. Generally
> most people agree that the "special edition" messed up an already great
> film. The scenes he took out also took out character development, and the
> f/x he added in destroyed our imagination... imagining what the inside of
> the mother ship thrilled my young mind more than seeing Spielberg's inserted
> light show. But, alas, as per Spielberg's wishes, most of the available
> versions of the film are now of the "special edition." Good luck finding the
> original blockbuster.
> And this week the Coen Brothers are re-releasing Blood Simple which actually
> trims a lot of scenes to quicken the pace. Back in 1984 the pace was fine.
> So which is the "creative artist's" view? Good luck finding the original in
> a few years time. I'd recommend snatching up all existing videos before they
> disappear forever.
> Then you have films like Friedkin's Rampage. When he originally made it,
> Friedkin had a very definite view about capital punishment. Then Dino De
> Laurentis' company, DEG, went under (the company financing the film) and it
> was shelved. Five years later the film was finally available for release,
> but Friedkin had changed his views. So, off to the editing room he went, and
> produced a new version. NOTE: The IMDB states that only the ending was
> changed. Not true. The opening is different, and many of Deborah Van
> Valkenburgh's scenes were taken out. Once again, good luck finding the
> original.
> Filmmakers are always changing their minds and even studio-influenced
> changes are seen as beneficial. Terry Gilliam, who fought a huge fight with
> Universal over the editing of Brazil, admitted that the studio head
> recommendations to insert cloud footage in the opening and ending were
> great. Good luck finding any version that opens and closes as Gilliam
> originally intended.
> dw
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> Ah, for the director's cut instead of what the studios
> wanted; wide-screen instead of pan-and-scan; made for ???? instead of
> made-for-TV; the good-old-original instead of the remake; anything instead
> of Disney; --- I always errored on the side of being sure the "creative
> artist's" view was represented and then offered whatever else was
> available (access meant having many views available, "censorship" meant
> having some views unavailable) IMHO
> Ralph Huntzinger

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