RE: Feature Films for Families

Darryl Wiggers (
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:34:35 -0700 (PDT)

Most of these titles are made-in-Canada productions. FFFF is a U.S. company
dedicated to providing "family" entertainment. Check out "Our Cause" from
their web site: <>

This is only a guess, but there's a likelihood that they've edited out a
teeny-tiny bit of content that they deem unsuitable for youngsters.
Generally producers of family films in other countries have more liberal
views of what is acceptable. Particularly as it relates to sexuality, nudity
and intimacy. I've seen French "family" films (i.e 'Julie') that show kids
casually commenting about a woman's "nice boobs" -- Australian "family"
films where you see bare-bummed boys running into a lake -- and an Israeli
"family" film ('Abba Ganuv' aka 'The Skipper') where a boy comes homes and
sees a woman asleep beside his divorced father (the film has other scenes of
family members and young kids hugging each other in bed). I suppose in their
native countries such content is no big deal. But in countries such as the
U.S. -- unthinkable. Canadian productions (such as those you list) are
generally similar to U.S., but it's possible that there was a image or a
line that violated their code of ethics. Frankly, it's something that
wouldn't concern me because of the nature of their business, and the
intended audience for which the films were originally made.

The titles you list are all good-quality films. Lost In The Barrens was
produced by Atlantis Productions (now part of Alliance Atlantis) and I'd
also seen its sequel, The Curse of the Viking Grave. Clearly intended for
wholesome family viewing, not artistic study.

All in all, sounds like you have a good donation there. If, however, they
offered to give you an edited version of, say, The Bicycle Thief... I would
probably think differently in that case.