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Hi Maurine,

We've reviewed some of the FFFF stuff in the past, but at least one of the
titles you mentioned--"Beethoven Lives Upstairs"--was a highly regarded
program which aired on HBO. Since it was a "family friendly" production to
begin with, I can't imagine that it was much "edited."

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> Maurine,
> Yes, the edited versions have been bowdlerized (now there's an antique
> word). I have it from the president of the company himself--called him
> when, like you, I got some FFFF donations and wondered what they were
> They're of the family-friendly/family values variety--objectionable
> removed to make them viewable by the entire family. How to define what's
> "objectionable" is the question, of course, and any attempt to do so would
> be considered censorship by some. Or at least messing with the artistic
> integrity of the original work. (Though the cynic in me wonders if some
> the titles FFFF chooses are in any way artistic.)
> To add or not to add to your collection? Depends on how important having
> the unexpurgated version is to you. If it is, then avoid the FFFF edited
> versions. But there's the public service angle, which might say that
> of this kind meet the needs of certain patrons and a moderate number of
> in the collection with catalog records clearly stating what they are will
> no harm. Myself, I prefer the real thing, but I ended up adding the
> FFFF's we got here because I trust my patrons' instincts at least as much
> I trust my own. The package is clearly marked; they can decide if they
> to watch an edited version of whatever it may be. And some of them will
> want to. I just can't get too excited about this as a censorship/artistic
> integrity issue--if videos like these satisfy some of our more
> patrons and remain a very minor part of the collection, they'll be no
> problem. But your take on it may be different.
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> Hello Videolibbers,
> Our library has received a number of donations of videos by Feature
> Films for Families. One of them says "This exclusive edited version
> distributed by Feature Films for Families". The others don't say that.
> Does this mean that FFFF has tinkered with the original works? I
> remember reading something about this a while back, but don't know how
> the editing/copyright problem turned out.
> I would hate to add videos that are not the real thing. The titles I'm
> looking at today are: The Story Lady, Lost in the Barrens, Beethoven
> Lives Upstairs, and Picture Perfect (Not the Jennifer Aniston).
> I would be grateful for any information/advice you might have.
> Thanks in advance,
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