Re: Value-Added Cataloging by linking to distributors' catalogs

Jim Scholtz (
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:46:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Deb, Yes, at the Yankton Community Library, we are using the 856 field
to provide a link to the movie's website (e.g. The horse whisperer). We do
this only if the website is listed on the container or it has been
advertised. the only problems we've had are these: Our web-based catalog,
shows the items electronic link first (ease of hyperlinking for the
patron); consequently, the patrons don't always know what format they are
getting. Also, the movie websites aren't always up for a long-time, so use
may be big initially and then non-existant later. Patrons may want to go
to the website long after the movie is popular, but alas no site!! I'm not
sure if all the work is worth it - virtually speaking of course. Just for
the record, we are doing this for other materials as well as for videos
(especially gov. docs) - our statewide consortium even has regional
software to look at the 856 links, compare them to existing links and
update them dynamically to correct links if they change (only regionally,
statewide). Jim Scholtz.

At 11:16 AM 7/13/00 -0700, you wrote:
>In a discussion about cataloging of videos yesterday, we considered using
>the MARC 856 field to link directly to a distributor's web catalog for the
>Pierian Press has an arrangement to link to Media Review Digest from online
>catalogs. But we thought that a distributor's information might provide far
>more detailed information on a title than a catalog summary could. Is there
>anyone who is already doing this with an online catalog?
>Successful? Work involved?
>I'm interested in hearing from distributors with their reactions to this
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