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LaRoi Lawton (
Mon, 3 Jul 2000 12:13:50 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Maria:
With respect to your hostile environment, please advise the party that
there are guidelines developed by the ACRL Media Resources Committee, ALA,
which give definitive standards for media resources in academic libraries.
That this party would go so far as to insult our profession by implying that
"we" as a professional group don't know what we are doing, is a slap in the
face which should not be tolerated. Of course one can take the high road and
seek employment elsewhere but then what of the person who will take your
place if you decide to leave? Better yet, what if that person couldn't care
less? Fight simply because you know what you are doing, the idiot in charge
does not. The guidelines can be found at:

Keep us posted.

Prof. LaRoi Lawton
Bronx Community College
Gerald S. Lieblich Learning Resource Center
Bronx, NY 10453
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> Help! I am writing this for a hostile audience and need all of your good
> wisdom and tact to help me say this. If you have ideas for arguments,
> ways to make it stronger, or any ways to improve this, I'd appreciate your
> input. Also, if you know of particularly strong arguments in the
> literature that I could cite, I'd appreciate that information too. I'm on
> a very short timeline for this (due July 6) so please respond as quickly
> as you can. The person who will be reading this does not believe in
> multiple learning styles or the uniqueness of community college students
> in an economically and culturally deprived area. Nor does she believe
> that AV librarians have expertise.
> Internet service as well as long distance and 911 are down in our region
> today, so I will send this into the void and hope it actually gets sent to
> the list when things are working again.
> In changing my job responsibilities I think it is important that the AV
> portion of my job and its title be retained. The new title could be
> "Audio Visual and Acquisitions Librarian". Audio Visual librarianship,
> like rare books and manuscripts librarianship, has many similarities to
> the mainstream of the profession, but is also a different world with
> unique knowledge and values. AV librarians are as much visual and
> auditory literacy educators, advocates, and consultants as they are
> librarians. AV has its own body of knowledge, history, and reference
> sources, and the field has its own organizations and leaders. Since
> community colleges attract non-traditional students who benefit more than
> most students from multiple kinds of learning opportunities, it is
> important for our college to have a person who understands and advocates
> for these potentials. Our faculty have supported the department and have
> relied on the expertise of the person in this position for many years.
> Thank you so much for your help.
> All hugs are welcome......
> Maria
> Maria Koehmstedt
> Reference and AV Librarian
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