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Mon, 3 Jul 2000 11:02:04 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for the offer of the fax, Chip. My fax number is 631-421-0730. I
hope it helps....


"Chip Taylor" <> wrote:
>Just recently I responded to a "Help" plea to the group.
>I suggested that I would fax a response to support the argument - and
>invited others to do the same.
>I believe this too would help support your situation.
>It is obvious (to most) that Award Winning programs alone do not make up
>excellent collection. I understand Public Libraries who want to have
>of items utilized want/need popular feature films in their collection;
>however, unless the other, and I feel more significant, mission of Public
>Libraries has been changed, or just totally ignored, and that is the goal
>have media available to the public which is not always available from
>sources - be it books, magazines, videos, etc., then I believe this group
>has a tremendous number of quality people who can respond to the argument
>that often the relatively unknown program can be just as important than an

>Oscar (or any other winning) title. I - just as my peers - know a (large)
>number of important programs that may never win an award, but may be just
>perfect for that nurse, preacher, teacher, parent, firefighter,
>policeperson, counselor, student, etc. you serve.
>Long live the true spirit of the Public Library - if that is passed on
>to allow the successful, money-making books/features to be utlilized, then

>their true value as public institutions will be diminished for all time.
>If you send your fax, I will gladly fax a letter on my letterhead - or you

>may print this email out.
>Chip Taylor, President
>Chip Taylor Communications
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>From: Ellen <>
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>Date: Friday, June 30, 2000 12:29 PM
>Subject: video selection policy
>>Does anyone have one written out somewhere?
>>Here's why I ask: my director wants only "major award winning films."
>>is probably one of the dumbest criteria for selecting movies and I would
>>like some literature to help me make my case. Everytime I think about it
>>get mad.
>>Help me, oh giant media brains! Feedback, please.
>>Ellen Druda
>>Media Librarian
>>Half Hollow Hills Community Library
>>Dix Hills, NY