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Sat, 1 Jul 2000 04:42:16 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Maria (and other professionals who wish to help),
Let me know your fax number and I will fax a response letter to her on my
I believe a show of support from a vast variety of professionals will help
your (the) cause.
Chip Taylor, President

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Date: Friday, June 30, 2000 7:11 PM
Subject: Help please

>Help! I am writing this for a hostile audience and need all of your good
>wisdom and tact to help me say this. If you have ideas for arguments,
>ways to make it stronger, or any ways to improve this, I'd appreciate your
>input. Also, if you know of particularly strong arguments in the
>literature that I could cite, I'd appreciate that information too. I'm on
>a very short timeline for this (due July 6) so please respond as quickly
>as you can. The person who will be reading this does not believe in
>multiple learning styles or the uniqueness of community college students
>in an economically and culturally deprived area. Nor does she believe
>that AV librarians have expertise.
>Internet service as well as long distance and 911 are down in our region
>today, so I will send this into the void and hope it actually gets sent to
>the list when things are working again.
>In changing my job responsibilities I think it is important that the AV
>portion of my job and its title be retained. The new title could be
>"Audio Visual and Acquisitions Librarian". Audio Visual librarianship,
>like rare books and manuscripts librarianship, has many similarities to
>the mainstream of the profession, but is also a different world with
>unique knowledge and values. AV librarians are as much visual and
>auditory literacy educators, advocates, and consultants as they are
>librarians. AV has its own body of knowledge, history, and reference
>sources, and the field has its own organizations and leaders. Since
>community colleges attract non-traditional students who benefit more than
>most students from multiple kinds of learning opportunities, it is
>important for our college to have a person who understands and advocates
>for these potentials. Our faculty have supported the department and have
>relied on the expertise of the person in this position for many years.
>Thank you so much for your help.
>All hugs are welcome......
>Maria Koehmstedt
>Reference and AV Librarian
>Clatsop Community College Library
>1680 Lexington Avenue
>Astoria, OR 97103
>(503) 338-2463