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Hi Ellen,

I agree with Jessica. One of the best arguments you can make for diversity
in video collection development is by pointing out the wide variety of
titles in the print collection. The day the library starts offering only
prize-winning books, it might as well stock up on WD-40 for the
soon-to-be-rusty front doors. Why should video collection development be any
different (and I would pose precisely that question to the library director:
"what would be the rationale for having inconsistent collection development
policies across various formats?") Unfortunately, a number of non-video
specialists strongly subscribe to the myth that Blockbuster and Hollywood
serve all video needs (aside from the fact that they carry very little in
the way of non-theatrical or non-fiction besides Whitney Houston music
videos, Big Blue and its retail gorilla cousin--especially in smaller
communities--pass on a number of worthwhile titles). That's why we have
video librarians :)

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> Wow with that criteria you could get all those "great" films that won The
> Blockbuster awards, the MTV awards and of course the AFI lists. I assume
> only books in the library are Pulitzer, Newberry and Nobel prize winners.
> Good Luck
> jessica rosner
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> >Does anyone have one written out somewhere?
> >
> >Here's why I ask: my director wants only "major award winning films."
> >is probably one of the dumbest criteria for selecting movies and I would
> >like some literature to help me make my case. Everytime I think about it
> >get mad.
> >
> >Help me, oh giant media brains! Feedback, please.
> >
> >Ellen
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