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Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:28:50 -0700 (PDT)

What "films" are being talked about? Features? U.S.? Documentaries? And what
"awards" are considered? Cannes? Berlin? Toronto? Ocars? Emmys? Hot Docs?
Razzies?... there are a few hundred film festivals around the world and any
film that shows up in enough of them is bound to receive acclaim. So, in a
sense, almost ALL films could be deemed award-winners.

And if you limit yourself to something "major," such as the Oscar, then
you're limited to a systematic criteria that specifically celebrates
productions distributed by particular studios, and individuals who have the
best PR. For example, almost every doc produced by Spielberg seems to win a
"Best Documentary" Oscar ("The Last Days") or an Emmy ("Survivors of the
Holocaust"). Go figure.

And when Tootsie showed up as the #2 comedy "of all time" in the recent AFI
"best comedy" list (after already making the top 100 of all time) I realised
Sydney Pollack has lunch with a lot of people in Hollywood.

I agree with Jessica. Such a policy is like only buying books that are
Pulitzer, Newberry and Nobel prize winners, and only supports a corporate

And as I wrote this, I just saw Dennis' note. Brilliant. I'm saving that


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Does anyone have one written out somewhere?

Here's why I ask: my director wants only "major award winning films." This
is probably one of the dumbest criteria for selecting movies and I would
like some literature to help me make my case. Everytime I think about it I
get mad.

Help me, oh giant media brains! Feedback, please.

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