VRT Gala Buses

Jim Scholtz (jscholtz@sdln.net)
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 12:06:47 -0700 (PDT)

Just a note to remind everyone going to the ALA conference in Chicago and
to the VRT Gala in particular.

The Gala is on Sunday, July 9, 7-10:30 pm at Facets Multimedia, 1517 West.
Fullerton Ave. Thanks to Gala coordinator, Elena Wayne, bus transportation
to and from Facets from/to the ALA headquarters hotel, the Hyatt Regency,
has been arranged. A bus will leave the Hyatt Regency at about 5:20 pm to
Facets. A bus will leave Facets at about 10:30 pm (depending upon how good
a time we're having) back to the Hyatt. Personal transportation to/from the
Hyatt is your responsibility. Information about all the VRT programs/gala
and bus transportation is in the Summer 2000 VRT Newsletter and program
insert which should be winging its way to you right now (or already be
there). Questions - contact me (jscholtz@sdln.net or Elena Wayne -

Jim Scholtz
Yankton Community Library
515 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078
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