Re: DVDs
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 08:40:19 -0700 (PDT)

We have begun to collect DVD's, but are still collecting mostly in VHS.
Our few DVD's do not circulate much, but I am sure this will change as more
people get DVD players. Our classrooms are equipped with VHS equipment,
although I have a DVD player that we can take to classrooms as needed, so
VHS is still the format of choice for us at this point.

Our main issue with cataloging and re-shelving is keeping the CD's,
CD-ROM's and DVD's from getting mixed up -- since they are physically
similar. I have a lot of re-shelving errors by students who don't look
carefully at the labeling on the packages. The CD-ROM's are particularly
hard to shelve, as the packaging sizes vary so much.

Sue DeHut

Susan Davis-DeHut
Director, Educ. Media Services
Linfield College
900 SE Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128