Re: Video Compact Disc?

Tripp Reade (
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:31:56 -0700 (PDT)


Would you mind explaining your set-up in more detail -- what kind of video
server, what software is used to distribute the video, what software do the
schools need to receive/view the video, what kind of schools are downloading
your video, what are the copyright issues (does authentication + fair use
suffice or do you pay for the privilege of sending video over the Internet?),
those are sorts of things I'm curious about. If this is old news for the list
members, I apologize -- maybe you could reply offlist? Thanks for any
information you can share!


Tripp Reade
North Carolina State University
D.H. Hill Library

Mark Richie wrote:

> We get digital video on CD format MEG 1 in hard copy - sometimes called
> VCD - and load them into our video server for distribution via the Web
> to area schools. The disc plays in any CD-ROM drive in a PC and the
> video shows at full motion (30fps) in most media players that come
> standard in a PC. That the source is China should make no difference.