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Regarding your request for career videos:
Radcliffe Career services approached us with the idea of making a "classic"
"Gloria" type film only instead of it being about psychoanalysis, it would
be about career counseling. We took a 20 something woman and in the space
of two days she received intense career counseling from 4 very different
type of career counselors, The first, Howard Figler,is a well known career
counselor and wrote several important texts on job searches, the second,
Acy Jackson did career counseling in a university setting, the third
Barbara Sher had written a popular book "Wishcraft" which had an unusual
approach to careers and the fourth Pricilla Claman, was a well know
counselor in the corporate setting. The results are a 2hr,35 min video
called "Life's Work." You can order it or our other award-winning video,
also made with Radcliffe Career Services,
about career planning for women "Not Just a Job" from our website Thank you. CDF

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>I am looking for current, college level videos on careers. Does anyone
>have suggestions. Thanx.
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