FABS meeting at ALA

Rick Provine (provine@virginia.edu)
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 14:02:33 -0700 (PDT)

Ahoy FABS people...

At the annual meeting we will be looking at a new version of the Film
Literature index. The Film & Broadcast Studies Discussion Group is
scheduled for Sunday, January 16 from 2-4pm in the Marriott Rivercenter,
Salon K.

I also wish to note that I am leaving the University of Virginia as of June
23. I will resurface at DePauw University as of July 3rd. My mail account
at UVa will still be active through July.

Please forward this to any relevant ARTS listservs, etc.

Thanks! See you all soon!

Here is a description of the Film Literature Index project:

The Film Literature Index (FLI) has been published by the Film and
Television Documentation Center at SUNY-Albany since 1973. Of the three
major indexes devoted to the periodical literature related to film studies
and broadcast studies, FLI is the only one still published exclusively on
paper. Librarians, students, and scholar would all benefit from
electronic access to this important resource.
In June 1999, the Indiana University (IU) Digital Library Program and the
State University of New York-Albany began discussions for IU to provide
technical assistance to SUNY-Albany in converting the data to a uniform
format and publishing a searchable database on the Web. Initial
discussions focused on the older data, but the long-range goal is to form
a partnership to publish future volumes of FLI on the Web. The data
currently exists in three formats: from 1973-1975 on punch cards; from
1976-1987 in one format; and from 1988 to the present in database format.
Later in the summer the FLI staff sent to the DLP technical staff samples
of three formats of data. We began working with the most recent data and
now have a searchable database of 22,000 records, all from volume 19
At the meeting of the ACRL Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group,
Kris Brancolini, Project Director, will demonstrate the prototype database
and describe future plans for the project. We hope to gather your
feedback about a variety of issues related to converting this index to
electronic form and publishing future volumes on the web.

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