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Jennifer Strickland (
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 05:56:34 -0700 (PDT)

There is an Italian movie called Mondo di notte made in 1959. The title
translated is "World by Night." It had a sequel in 1961. Could it be the same
thing? No mention is made of an Angela Lambert in the credits, but the
information is very sparse. And a search under Angela Lambert's name yielded
only two citations from the 1990s. I found this info. in the Internet Movie
Database (

Hope this helps.
--Jenny Strickland
Ithaca College

Gregory Callahan wrote:

> This list was recommended to me by someone who would seem to be in the know.
> I do note, however, that the focus is clearly not on movie trivia, etc.
> My query this evening is a reference question that some may consider
> bordering on same... If it is inappropriate, please forgive.
> A patron at my library is seeking information on an Italian made film from
> 1962. He wrote down the Italian title as "Universo di Noto," which he
> translated as "Night of the Universe." The supposed translation seems to be
> transposing the order of "night" and "universe," ... and besides, I recall
> from my limited experience with Italian that "notte" is the actual Italian
> word for "night." There is a word "noto" in Italian, however, for whatever
> that may be worth.
> The patron mentioned that the film featured an actress who (at least
> sometimes) appeared under the name "Angela Lambert." He also wrote that the
> film was later sold "to Germany" (i.e. to a German distributor, someone who
> may have changed the title perhaps...maybe even re-edited???)
> If anyone has any information or suggestion of other resources (I've
> exhausted Internet and local print resources, I'd be grateful. Thanks very
> much for any help anyone on this list can provide.
> Greg Callahan
> Hyde Park Free Library
> Hyde Park, NY
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