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Gregory Callahan (
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:29:40 -0700 (PDT)

This list was recommended to me by someone who would seem to be in the know.
I do note, however, that the focus is clearly not on movie trivia, etc.
My query this evening is a reference question that some may consider
bordering on same... If it is inappropriate, please forgive.

A patron at my library is seeking information on an Italian made film from
1962. He wrote down the Italian title as "Universo di Noto," which he
translated as "Night of the Universe." The supposed translation seems to be
transposing the order of "night" and "universe," ... and besides, I recall
from my limited experience with Italian that "notte" is the actual Italian
word for "night." There is a word "noto" in Italian, however, for whatever
that may be worth.

The patron mentioned that the film featured an actress who (at least
sometimes) appeared under the name "Angela Lambert." He also wrote that the
film was later sold "to Germany" (i.e. to a German distributor, someone who
may have changed the title perhaps...maybe even re-edited???)

If anyone has any information or suggestion of other resources (I've
exhausted Internet and local print resources, I'd be grateful. Thanks very
much for any help anyone on this list can provide.

Greg Callahan
Hyde Park Free Library
Hyde Park, NY
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