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Victoria Caplan (
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 17:52:16 -0700 (PDT)

All our media (VHS, LD, VCD, audio CD, audio cassette, and CD-ROM)
circulate for 7 days *except* for feature films, which circulate for 3
days. People can check out up to 5 media items at a time. Special
exceptions for faculty are made using a "Special Loan Form".

There are no holds allowed, except by faculty members for teaching

We also have a Media Reserve system, where media circulates for 2 hours
and can't leave the library. Many faculty members will place things they
need for teaching on Media Reserve, and then we allow the faculty member
or the TA to pick it up to show in class, using a "Special Loan" form.

The fines for media are:
Day 1- Day 3 = $HK 5 per day per item. That's about.. 75 cents
From Day 4 until return, it is $HK 10 per day, per item.

Thus, of someone has 3 media items 6 days overdue the fine would be
3 items X 3 days X $5 per day = $HK 45
3 items X 3 days X $10 per day = $HK 90
TOTAL = $HK 135 (~$US 18)

The reason we have the fines double after the third day is that we think
that 1-3 days late is mostly a matter of normal absentmindedness, but
after 3 days either they are really careless (ignoring 3 days of overdue
messages) or deliberately keeping things out late.

In the case of illness or real emergency, of course we waive the fines, or
cut them a bit if the patron asks.

- Victoria Caplan
Acting Media Resources & Microforms Librarian
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Ridie W. Ghezzi wrote:

> Greetings. As we prepare to open our new Media Center, we have been updating old policies and adding new ones. One of these is our circulation policy for videos, which includes a discussion of fines charged for overdue videos. Currently our videos circulate for 24 hours (this is a video collection whose priority is classroom use) and our fines in the past have been, we all agree, much too low to have any impact.
> We were wondering what sort of fines other centers collect for overdue fees. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Please answer to the list, as others might find this discussion useful. Thanks, in advance, for your help.
> Ridie Wilson Ghezzi
> Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Bibliographer
> Baker Library
> Dartmouth College
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