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Here's a record from the Art on Screen Database that seems to match your
query (about 23 other records came up when I did a search on

Series Title: Eighteenth-Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia
Data: 27 min. col. 16mm
Year: 1952
Country of Prod'n: United States
Language: English
Producing Agency: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Sources: Kent State University Audio Visual Services ; Michigan State
University (Rental) ; University of California/Los Angeles Instr. Media Library ;
Utah State University (Rental) ; Rental-see Educational
Film & Video Locator
Synopsis: Describes an episode in the life of Peter Thompson, a
printer's apprentice in Williamsburg,
Virginia in 1775. Shows the various jobs he must learn;
pictures the other employees of
the printer's shop, including a journeyman and an
indentured servant. Dramatizes Peter's part in
discovering and publishing the news of the raid by
British troops on the Williamsburg arsenal.
Eighteenth-Century Life in Williamsburg, Virginia series.
(University of Illinois )
Genre Film: History ; Docudrama
Aud./Grade Level: Elementary ; Junior High ; High School
Suggested Uses: General Information
Subject Headings: Graphic arts -- American Colonial; Typography -- North
America -- United States -- Virginia -- Williamsburg
-- 18C 1770D

Assoc Concepts: Art and revolutions
Artist on Camera: No
Reviews: American Artist , Vol 27, No 2, Feb 63

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On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Sara Jane Pearman wrote:

> Would any of you excellent people be able to supply me with the details of
> a video I saw a few years ago on typography. It showed a gentleman, in
> 18th c. dress, making punches & casting type for printing. I think he may
> have been from the Smithsonian. I have a need for it and can't even
> remember the title, much less the gentleman's name.
> Thanks for any help, and please reply to me off list so as not to clutter
> things up.
> Sara Jane Pearman
> Cleveland Museum of Art