Re: VRT Gala

Jim Scholtz (
Thu, 8 Jun 2000 13:51:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Brigid, Your attire for the evenings Gala gala depends completely on
whom you personally wish to attract/detract or repluse. The Galas run the
gamit - usually pretty causual in terms of eats and conversation, but we
have library directors, ALA officers, etc. attending as well as regular
VRTers. I would say that better office clothes are the espre' de corp with
the possiblity of tennis shoes for comfort - of course! The attire
sometimes depends upon the venue as well. I wore a completely different
attire in Washington DC when John Waters spoke than I did in New Orleans
(very causual). Don't worry, it's not like the Oscars - but if you wear a
Lopez-like dress, let me know before hand so that I can put my teenage boys
on a leash first!! Also at the Gala's we are like Humphery Bogart - "We
don't need know stinkin' badges" - Treasure of Sierra Madre. Hope this
information helps.

Jim Scholtz.

01:09 PM 6/8/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Oh wise ones of the ALA VRT:
>Having never before attended a VRT Gala, I wish to discreetly ask of one
>and all - just how gala is this Gala? Where does it fit in the range
>between meeting at the water cooler and meeting the Queen? Preparations
>for this event would be greatly assisted if you could select, in your
>opinion, the proper attire for this soiree and either e-mail directly back
>to me or to the list:
>a) regular office clothes
>b) good office clothes (for days when the director, the president and/or
>CNN visit)
>c) cocktail party dress (suitable for extras on daytime soap operas)
>d) evening wear (suitable for the party scene from "Notorious")
>e) dancing cigarette package, or any other 50s tv commercial costume
>f) none of the above (c'mon, we have stick the name badges on something!)
>With much gratitude for your invaluable assistance, and if I've bought the
>last ticket from Chris Lewis at the American University Library tough luck
>for you,
>Brigid Duffy
>Audio Visual/ITV Center
>San Francisco State University