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Thanks for your comments.
One last thing - about the distinction between the Alfred Hitchcock Collection
and the Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II.
"I" and "II" are the 10-features-for-$30 7 disc sets
from Laserlight that you all agreed were of terrible quality.
The Alfred Hitchcock Collection (sans I or II)
is $60 or so for a 3 disc set - includes Vertigo, Psycho and
4 episodes from Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It's released by Universal Studios.
Amazon includes rave reviews from 4 satisfied customers for this set.
But interestingly, where the other two collections are concerned, Amazon
only includes Leonard Maltin's reviews of the original flicks.

At 08:19 PM 6/2/00 +0000, you wrote:
>If you bought Jamaica Inn from Facets it was hopefully our good copy . In
>any case it is not the copyright you need to worry about but the quality. I
>took another look at " the Hitchock collection"
>It is something like Seven features for $30 bucks. I could be wrong but I
>would not expect much at that price. Kino specializes in putting out really
>great copies of many public domain titles but it costs money for good
>quality. I am always frustrated when people balk that our tapes and now
>DVD's cost $5 or $10 more than some crappy copy. I actually did not know
>there were horrid DVD's out there until I started to hear about Mandacy and
>others. Just remember if it sounds too good or too cheap to be true, it
>probably is a rotten copy
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> >We bought a large number of titles, including Jamaica Inn, from Facets. I
> >don't know about marketing them as I and II, but most of the early ones are
> >British. Far as I can tell no copyright as broken in purchasing these
> >titles.
> >
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> >I would be very leery of "volume 1) It is all bootlegs of films which are
> >fully copyrighted under
> >GATT. I actually noticed one of the titles we licence ( Jamaica Inn) listed
> >so I just passed this on to the right's holder. I am not actually suggesting
> >you should worry about the copyright as that is a right's holders problem
> >but from experience much of this stuff is JUNK. I know nothing about this
> >particular disc or company ( laserlight) but DON"T assume that because it is
> >on DVD it is good quality
> >There is a company called Mandacy that puts out titles so wretched that are
> >actually WORSE than the bad videos. As always buyer beware when dealing with
> >these companies
> >
> >Jessica Rosner
> >Kino
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> >>Subject: Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II
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> >
> >>Does anyone know of a distributor for the
> >>Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II (DVD)?
> >>(Not to be confused with the Alfred Hitchcock Collection
> >>which Movies Unlimited carries.)
> >> has "I" and "II" but I can't use credit-card-only vendors.
> >>Thanks -
> >>Diane
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