Re: Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II

Jessica (
Fri, 2 Jun 2000 11:13:03 -0700 (PDT)

I would be very leery of "volume 1) It is all bootlegs of films which are
fully copyrighted under
GATT. I actually noticed one of the titles we licence ( Jamaica Inn) listed
so I just passed this on to the right's holder. I am not actually suggesting
you should worry about the copyright as that is a right's holders problem
but from experience much of this stuff is JUNK. I know nothing about this
particular disc or company ( laserlight) but DON"T assume that because it is
on DVD it is good quality
There is a company called Mandacy that puts out titles so wretched that are
actually WORSE than the bad videos. As always buyer beware when dealing with
these companies

Jessica Rosner
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>Subject: Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II
>Date: Fri, Jun 2, 2000, 4:52 PM

>Does anyone know of a distributor for the
>Alfred Hitchcock Collection I and II (DVD)?
>(Not to be confused with the Alfred Hitchcock Collection
>which Movies Unlimited carries.)
> has "I" and "II" but I can't use credit-card-only vendors.
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