Free educational programs from Annenberg/CPB

Barb Bergman (
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 16:28:40 -0700 (PDT)

Looking up the info about "The Examined Life" got me to thinking about
whether I'd taped the series off of the PBS satellite or the Annenberg
channel. And then I thought "I don't remember seeing anything about
Annenberg on videolib." (It's a dangerous thing to leave me alone all
evening at the Reference Desk...)

Annenberg/CPB operates a 24/7 satellite channel, airing commercial-free
educational programs. Here's the cool part-- it's free.

If you have a big satellite dish and a digital receiver, you can tape
anything you want and add it to your library's collection. Or, if you have
a connection with public access channels, you are also allowed to broadcast
the programs via cable television. (I know that it is broadcast "as is" in

My only complaint is that there are no blockfeeds of series, so it is a
challenge to acquire an entire series.

For more info, see the Annenberg webpage at


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