Re: phono records

B. Rich (
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 14:12:52 -0700 (PDT)

there are the audiophiles who will argue until DVD's pass by to the next wave of media, that 'vinyl'
holds a truer sound quality. I'm not necessarily one to argue the quality of them, though there is a
value to them, much like books will always have a value regardless of the technology that finally
eliminates bound paper pages. It's a sensual thing.

We have a fairly significant collection of albums from the days when this school offered a music degree;
now, they mostly sit unused and untouched (except by me ;-) in a room I just recently transformed into
the video editing room.

No. Not many people use records, especially if they can get the same piece on CD.

Tami-Jo Eckley wrote:

> Does anyone still have phono records and record players in use? Is there really any value to these?
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