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Gary Handman (
Fri, 26 May 2000 10:20:17 -0700 (PDT)

>Hi all.
>I'm currently plugging away on a chapter for my video collection
development book dealing with film/video/media organizations and discussion
>I'm interested in learning from you all about listservs and other online
discussion forums that you find particularly productive or informative in
your work as video librarians.
>So far, I've identified the following:
>A moderated listserv which aims to provide a medium for acquisitions
librarians and others interested in acquisitions work to exchange
information, ideas, and to find solutions to common problems.
>Association for Moving Image Archivists
>Consortium of College and University Media Centers - Discussion List)
>Journal of Academic Media Librarianship
>MEDIALIB has been formed to discuss issues surrounding audiovisual/media
services in library. It serves, primarily, library professionals and
paraprofessionals who provide media services in public, academic, and
special libraries.
>VIDEOLIB (American Library Assn. Video Round Table)
>VIDEONEWS (American Library Assn. Video Round Table)
>Association of Educational Communication and Technology Issues Discussion
>Discussion of all forms of cinema, in all its aspects. Its founding is
based on the understanding that most people who watch and enjoy movies do
so from a variety of viewpoints, and that a general, unlimited forum is
>DIGVID-L (Digital Video Discussion)
>DIGVID-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list featuring digital video.
Read and post discussions, advice, experiences in using, creating, and
distributing digitally stored video. Practicalities of formats including,
but not limited to, DVI, MPEG, M-JPEG, as well as QuickTime, Video For
Windows, etc.
>General interest discussion group for film studies
>Film theory and aesthetics
>Film History and the Scholarly Study of Media.
>Media In Education - Serves as a network for people in the media services
profession to ask questions and discuss new procedures or services.
>Film/Video Web sites discussion
>An unmoderated list for all who study, teach, theorize about or research
film and television--mostly in an academic setting, but not necessarily so.
SCREEN-L ranges from the abstract (post-post-structuralist theory) to the
concrete (roommate match- ups for the next SCS/UFVA conference).
Pedagogical, historical, theoretical, and production issues pertaining to
film and TV studies are welcomed.
>Any others that are essential? If there are lists you like that deal
generally with collection development and acquisition issues, I'd love to
hear about them too.
Gary Handman
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